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Antojitos (Appetizers)

Antojitos (Appetizers)

Tripleta de Empanadas


3 empanadas of your choice: cheese, chicken, beef or Hawaiian (mix of ham, cheese and pineapple)

Tripleta de Tacos


3 tacos of your choice: chicken, steak, or shrimp.

Camarones con Tostones y Guacamole


Shrimp with fried plantains and guacamole



Cut up a hot dog with French fries.

Calamares Fritos


Fried calamaris.



Your choice of: cheese, chicken, steak, or shrimp

Ceviche de Camaron


Shrimp ceviche.



Rice and beans with your choice of cheese, chicken, beef, or shrimp (In a Fajita Bread).

Chicharron de Pollo


Crispy fried chicken chunks.

Chicharron de Cerdo con Tostones


Crispy pork skin with fried plantains.

6 Alitas de Pollo con Papas Fritas


6 chicken wings with french fries.



Mixed fried chicken, pork, steak, and sausage with fried plantains.

Picadera Mar y Tierra


Mixed fried chicken, sausage, pork, beef, and seafood. Served with fried plantains.



Chorizo Colombiano con papas... Cut up Colombian sausage with fries.

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